Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How Many Pals can I chat with?

We do not have premium members. This means you can chat with everyone for free. Totally free. No fees to be paid using our App. But there must be a match between two of you before you can start chatting.

2. Are there notifications for offline messages?

Yes. If you are not online and a Pal messages you, you get a notification on your phone. You can also get an email notifications

3. Are there Profile Pictures of Pals?

Yes. Pals must upload their profile pictures before they can chat.

4. Is Nude picture allowed?

No. Pals found uploading nude pics will be automatically blocked.

5. Is my phonenumber given out to Pals?

No, except if you give out your phonenumber through chat.

6. When will PenpalAmerica for iOS

Our team is working towards this and very soon these sets of users will be able to use our service. In the meantime, they can start chat through the website.

7. How many photos and videos can I upload

Users can upload 4 photos and 2 videos of themselves on their profiles. You can delete all photos except the profile picture. You can however replace the profile picture if there is need to do so.

8. Can I delete my messages

Yes you can. Just click on the message and the system will prompt you to confirm if you want to delete the message. Deleted messages cannot be seen by you and the receiving user.

9. Can I unmatch a friend

Yes you can. Just go to his profile and you will see unmatch there.

10. How can I get support or help?

You can simply send us a mail through this address support @